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Unbeatable Prices

This is, where you probably guessed, you show the customer the value of the product and a little bit about why its that valuable. Maybe put a solid testimonial here, or explain steps of the service, with pictures shown below.

Bikes and Beans on 512

Sell that service, or explain how to use it. You may have one of those services where it doesn't make sense unless you explain what it is and how it works.

Brooklyn Water and Colombian Beans

Again, if customers are checking your pricing, they're looking for value. You could explain how your customers service will lessen the headaches caused by other providers, or how if they buy from you, they're giving to charity.

Roasted & Prepared by Italian Professionals

If you can't sell your business angle--your edge over your competition here, than you won't be able to convert that considering lead. They are looking at you, now's the time to show them why they should give you their money!


Are your company's products expensive? Suspiciously cheap? You better give an explanation. You only get a few moments of the Prospect's time, text like this is where you do it.

Plan Delivery Speed Storage Monthly Cost
Start On Foot Cup Sleeve Free
Pro Bike Cup Holder $8
Business Scooter Delivery Bag $15
Business + Car Temperature-controlled box $30
Special Carrier Jet Made in Flight $100+

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Use everything else and the kitchen sink to get them to buy from you! Don't miss your sales opportunity.

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